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we do sushi right!

Our menu is the perfect blend of traditional and fusion. Be adventurous and dive into our Special Rolls and Specialty Dishes, or go classic and indulge in our Teriyaki, Katsu and Udon. No matter which you choose, you'll be greeted with quality food! We carefully select only the freshest ingredients and strive to bring the best dining experience to all our patrons.


why octopus?

Have you seen the way the octopus moves?? It's hypnotizing! They are agile and flexible and adapt to their environment. Although they live in water, they are bottom dwellers so they stay "grounded". We really liked that and wanted to borrow it and apply it to our restaurant; to be grounded, to focus on the now. They are also portrayed as giant monsters of the sea in some mythology and we are pretty confident in what we do and are prepared to do some damage. In a good way of course!

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